Monday, May 30, 2005

Introducing BioImplement

Have you Limited your Liability Today?
The following disclaimer is posted for the benefit of my employer, Mount Sinai Hospital (MSH) in Toronto, and my primay academic institution, The University of Toronto (UofT) and to any other interested parties who are worried about liability. These parties should also note the extensive BLOGGER.COM terms of service which I read in its entirety (including the bit about their use of CAPITAL LETTERS and them not being responsible for ocular damage from reading the entire agreement). Most people in the US will find this disclaimer unusual, so I've linked it to the underlying legislation in my jurisiction (Toronto Canada).

The BioImplement Disclaimer V1.0
Opinions expressed on BioImplement are those of the author, Dr. Christopher Hogue, and not of his employer, academic institutions, nor any related funding agencies, sponsoring government agencies, nor his commercial interests nor any corporate sponsors of his research. Products or services mentioned on BioImplement are not endorsed by any of Dr. Hogue's employers, MSH or UofT. Any discussions or anecdotes regarding Dr. Hogue's employees and/or their names will be published with their written consent in accordance with Canadian Privacy Law (The PIPED Act.) Any anecdotal mention of acts or omissions by Dr. Hogue's employees or employees of MSH or UofT are published with thier written consent in accordance with the Ontario Human Rights Code and Canadian Privacy Law. Anecdotes are intended to convey useful experiences, knowledge and information. All anecdotes are edited for brevity. In no way are such brief anecdotes representative of any unfair or unequal treatment of any of Dr. Hogue's or MSH's employees who may either be mentioned or omitted from any anecdote. This BLOG is not written during Dr. Hogue's normal business hours. Dr. Hogue uses his own personal computer and no resources from MSH or UOfT are used in its preparation. Where possible facts asserted or documents referenced will be referenced with traceable hyperlinks Paragraphs with anecdotes or notions with elments of hearsay will be indicated with [H] and personal experiences will be indicated [P]*. Material in this BLOG is (c) Copyright Dr. Christopher Hogue 2005.

*These represent Dr. Hogue's current personal ontology of unparseable, arbitrary, nonstandard metadata tags. Dr. Hogue aspires that they will become an Internet standard (just like the smiley) as he contemplates making the worlds smallest Internet specification document for these two important tags :).

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