Thursday, November 13, 2008

Blueprint Website Up

After a year of being in Singapore, I finally posted a new website for my current research lab activities. Take a look, you may be pleasantly surprised by the content.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The BioImplement Disclaimer V2.0

Have you Limited your Liability Today?
The following disclaimer is posted for the benefit of my employer The National University of Singapore and to any other interested parties who are worried about liability. These parties should also note the extensive BLOGGER.COM terms of service.

The BioImplement Disclaimer V2.0

Opinions expressed on BioImplement are entirely those of the author, Dr. Christopher Hogue, and do not reflect the opinion of his employer, the National University of Singapore nor any funding agencies, sponsoring government agencies, nor any past, present or future commercial ventures or partners. Products or services mentioned on BioImplement are not endorsed by Dr. Hogue or any of the above noted parties unless otherwise indicated in writing. This BLOG is not written during Dr. Hogue's normal business hours. Dr. Hogue uses his own personal computer and no resources from the National University of Singapore are used in its preparation. Material in this BLOG is (c) Copyright Dr. Christopher Hogue 2008.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Like many other bloggers with good intentions, my blog has faded into oblivion. It seems "blogging" is a fad reserved for the interested few.

As an update, I am currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Science at the National University of Singapore. I am working on research projects involving both Bioinformatics and wet-laboratory protein and nucleic acid biochemistry focusing on quantitative in-vitro approaches.

BIND and SeqHound/DogBox are now the products of Thomson-Reuters (BINDPlus and BONDPlus, respectively).

Thomson-Reuters provides the public BIND and sequence content - with a free login - at

The book-writing mentioned in the previous email was put aside for a while, as I learned a lot about how not to write a book. It has transformed from 24 incomprehensible chapters into something much more focused, thanks to a number of readers who gave their feedback to my earlier drafts. For wading through the outline with 24 chapters, and getting back to me with their criticisms, I thank them.