Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Like many other bloggers with good intentions, my blog has faded into oblivion. It seems "blogging" is a fad reserved for the interested few.

As an update, I am currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Biological Science at the National University of Singapore. I am working on research projects involving both Bioinformatics and wet-laboratory protein and nucleic acid biochemistry focusing on quantitative in-vitro approaches.

BIND and SeqHound/DogBox are now the products of Thomson-Reuters (BINDPlus and BONDPlus, respectively).

Thomson-Reuters provides the public BIND and sequence content - with a free login - at http://bind.ca

The book-writing mentioned in the previous email was put aside for a while, as I learned a lot about how not to write a book. It has transformed from 24 incomprehensible chapters into something much more focused, thanks to a number of readers who gave their feedback to my earlier drafts. For wading through the outline with 24 chapters, and getting back to me with their criticisms, I thank them.

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